Top Room Heaters For Your Home

A Convection Room Heaters (otherwise known as a convector room heater) are  types of heater that uses convection currents to heat and circulate air. These currents circulate throughout the body of the appliance and across its heating element.

The most significant feature of convection heater is that they are capable of heating the rooms for a long time.

It require low maintenance. You Don’t have to clean it  regularly. 

  1. They warm up a room evenly. That’s because the warm air they create rises and falls uniformly across an enclosed space.
  2. It can be mounted higher up on any open wall space in any size of room.
  3. These heaters can also be recessed into the floor, which means they can be placed directly in front of a stairway or floor-to-ceiling windows.
  4. With convection heaters of any kind, the temperature of each room can be controlled individually.
  5. In most cases, these heaters are silent. The fan-equipped heaters most commonly used in bathrooms may make some noise, but it’s usually not enough to be an annoyance.
  6. Convection heaters save about 10 percent more in energy costs when compared to electric baseboard heaters.
  1. Because convection heaters don’t contain air filters and do move the air around in a room, they can create a lot of dust disturbances. This can be a problem for people with dust allergies.

An infrared heater or heat lamp is a body with a higher temperature which transfers energy to a body with a lower temperature through electromagnetic radiation.

The most significant feature of Radiant & Infrared Heater is that they are capable of heating the rooms for a long time.

It require low maintenance. You Don’t have to clean it  regularly. 

  1. Silent, Gentle & Healthy
  2. Cost-Effective & Environmentally Friendly
  3. Minimal Maintenance
  4. Stylish Design
  5. Safety
  6. Limited Warming
  7. Stops Heating When Off
  8. Infrared heaters provide instant heat.
  9. It won’t add more pollutants to your room.
  1. There are some safety issues that you’ll want to consider.
  2. There is the color issue to consider with infrared heaters.
  3. You lose the heat the moment the unit turns off.
  4. There can be some skin health problems to consider.
  5. Your body can suffer from water loss with infrared heaters.
  6. It only provides targeted heating.
  7. Some units only provide a limited warranty.

Ceramic heaters aren’t made entirely from ceramic. These heaters typically feature plastic in the majority of their components, along with some metal. The ceramic part of the heater is the heating element, made of positive temperature coefficient (PTC) ceramic, which heats the air that passes over it. Due to the durability of ceramic, the heater should operate for many years without breaking down, provided you routinely wipe it free of dust and other particles.

They come in several shapes and sizes—small and square or tall and slender. The amount of heating power may vary, but any space heater will be able to provide warmth to a small room or area.

A space heater is typically electric, which means you can plug it into any outlet in your home.

The most significant feature of Ceramic Space Heater is that they are capable of heating the rooms for a long time.

It require low maintenance and clean.

  1. Heat without the fire hazard.
  2. Portable and Lightweight.
  3. Affordable quality you can Trust.
  4. Built-in safety with added safety features.
  5. Compact in size
  6. Lightweight
  7. Easy to move around
  1. Doesn’t heat a very large space.
  2. Ceramic heaters without a fan are slow to heat up a room
  3. Most types have to constantly run (and use electrical energy) to deliver heat
  4. Heat transfer can be blocked by physical objects

A mica thermic heater is a type of space heater in which the heating element is covered in thin sheets of mica. Mica thermic heaters produce both convection heat and radiant heat, and are usually thinner than other types of heaters.

  1. One of the many features of Mica thermic heaters is their compactness.
  2. The heating element is embedded within mica stone and is small.

It require low maintenance and clean.

  1. Keeps the Air from Dehumidifying
  2. Safer Than Other Heaters

  3. Economical To Operate

  4. Silent Operation

  1. Limited coverage area.
  2. Difficulty in cleaning.
  3. High price.

A fan heater, also called a blow heater, is a heater that works by using a fan to pass air over a heat source (e.g. a heating element). This heats up the air, which then leaves the heater, warming up the surrounding room. They can heat an enclosed space such as a room faster than a heater without fan, but like any fan, creates audible noise.

  1. One of the many features of fan space heaters is their compactness.
  2. These fan space heaters come with a variety of functions like remote control, digital controls, timer, heat oscillation, and a carrying handle.

It require low maintenance and clean.

  1. Affordability

  2.  Safe to Use

  3. Portability

  4. No Noise

  5. Effectively Warms the Air

  6.  Fan + Heater Combo

  7. Convenient to Use

  8. Great for Large Areas

  1. Not suitable for large spaces or rooms.
  2. Difficulty in cleaning.
  3. The heat stops getting transferred once you turn off the heater.
  4. These heaters tend to be a little noisy when operating.
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