Top 10 Best Air Coolers In India

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We will be covering top 10 best Air Coolers in India (2021) in this post. Cooler corresponds to Water cooler.

Summers are hard to tolerate which makes you feel miserable. The scorching sunlight can be awful, and all you expect is a drastic and cool comfort when returning home after a tiring hot day. Air coolers can help you to experience the most comforting relief. Nowadays, So many Coolers are available in the market with the most advanced features and technology to provide users the utmost comfort.

Benefits of air cooler

The importance of air-cooled homes and offices can never be overemphasized. High-temperature conditions have so many negative effects on humans. Generally, it causes discomfort and can deprive someone of sound sleep and relaxation.

Discomfort is actually a mild problem when other problems like heat stress and related illnesses are considered. In extreme cases, high-temperature conditions can lead to death.

There are currently three major means to cool the air in buildings, namely using fans, air conditioners, and air coolers.

Each of these options comes with its share of advantages and disadvantages, but the air cooler has often been considered as the best air cooling option among the three based on a number of factors.

We are going to look at 5 major benifits in air cooler.






Cooling Capacity

Cooling capacity is the measure of a cooling system’s ability to remove heat.  The SI unit is Watt  (W). Another unit common in non-metric regions or sectors is the ton of refrigeration, which describes the amount of water at freezing temperature that can be frozen in 24 hours, equivalent to 3.5 kW or 12,000 BTU/h.

The basic SI units equation for deriving cooling capacity is of the form:

How to buy the best air coolers in India for yourself

Here are some points that you should consider before you go ahead and buy a cooler.


This plays a very essential role. If the coolers with lesser capacity are supposed to work for a longer time, you probably would have to refill it again and again. Also, one should keep in mind that the same water should not stay in a cooler tank for several days as it will initiate the production of many germs and viruses that are harmful to humans. Such viruses cause diseases such as malaria, dengue. You can opt for the coolers that fit your usage and preferences.

Air Delivery Rate

The air delivery rate is the speed of your cooler to spread air per meter cube. This can also be considered keeping in mind your room size and usage.


Before installing a cooler in your house, it is always recommended that you should make sure that your house is properly ventilated. In improper ventilation, your cooler instead of cooling will create humidity. AIr needs to travel continuously in order to be fresh and breathable.

Cooling Pads

Cooling pads play the most essential role in the working of a cooler. It absorbs water and provides a cool environment in the room. The most famous and effective pads are honeycomb pads. They are very effective and catalyze the cooling process to a greater extent.


Coolers always occupy the area in your room. You can choose the size that best fits your room in which you want to put it in.


Always keep a check on the material of the cooler and how often will it require to be cleaned. The sustainable material and easy cleaning will ensure durability.

Best Air Coolers in India:-

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1. Symphony Ice Cube 27 Personal Room Air Cooler 27-litres with Powerful Fan, 3-Side Honeycomb Pads, Multistage Air Purification & Low Power Consumption (White)

Symphony Ice Cube 27 is a high-efficiency personal room cooler with honeycomb cooling pads on three sides. It is the first cooler by Symphony in the personal room cooler category. Bring home this compact, yet mobile powerhouse cooler for a breezy, relaxing experience. The best part of the air cooler for home is that it goes well with all climatic conditions and functions with the lowest levels of noise. Whether it is a medium-sized living space, a large room, an outdoor area, a shop or office, it is the best model to meet all kinds of cooling needs.

Air Coolers In India


  • Capacity: Large 27 litres; Coverage Area: Ideal for room size up to 46cubic meters. (Keep door/window open for cross ventilation & effective cooling)
  • Warranty: 1 year on manufacturing defects. For any product-related queries, please contact_us on: [079-30130111 / 09510070111]. Note: (Warranty is applicable from the date of invoice)
    • Product Dimensions (LxBxH): 450mm x 305 mm x 831 mm
    • Power Consumption: 105 watts (also works on inverter power); Operating voltage: 230 V/50 Hz (runs on operating cost of a fan)
    • Package Includes: 1 unit air cooler, 4 units castor wheel

2. Crompton Aura Woodwool 55-Litre Desert Cooler (White-Maroon)

Say goodbye to heat during summer with Crompton air cooler. With multiple innovative features, such as easy-to-remove wood wool pads, an ice chamber, the Crompton aura 55 acgc-555fighter ltr cooler keeps you cool and comfortable throughout the day. It also features an auto water level indicator, so you can easily monitor the amount of water in the cooler. Thanks to the castor wheels, you can conveniently move this heavy appliance from one place to another. Since this cooler can also run on inverters, you can connect it to your home inverter when the power goes off.Air Coolers In India


  • Speed modes: High, medium and low
  • Air throw distance (ft): 45
  • Auto-swing louvers for 4 way air deflection
  • 4 castor wheels for easy cooler movement
  • Body is made up of abs and thermoplastic
  • Air delivery (cfm): 4200
  • Capacity: 55 liters
  • Warranty: 1 year on product
  • Power: 190 watts
  • Includes: Air Cooler, Castor Wheels, Manual and Warranty Card

3. Crompton Ozone 75-Litres Desert Air Cooler with Honeycomb Pads(White/Turquoise)

Keep yourselves cool and your electricity bills low with this Crompton desert air cooler. Energy-efficient and power packed with some exciting features, this air cooler offers you optimum cooling performance. It features a Uniform Flow Dispenser, separate Ice Chamber and Motorised Louvers.Air Coolers In India


  • Capacity: 75 Litres; Ideal for room size of upto 550 Sq Ft.
  • Product dimensions (LxBxH): 61.0 cm x 40.5 cm x 120.0 cm
  • For any product related issues, please contact Crompton Customer care at 1800 419 0505 (9:00 AM to 7:00 PM – Monday to Saturday)
  • Always allow for CROSS-VENTILATION in your area / room, else cooler won’t work effectively
  • Effective Honeycomb Cooling Pads, Air Speed control
  • Air Delivery: 46000m3/hr; Air throw upto 52Ft ; Number of Speeds: 3 ; Blower/Fan Material: Plastic ; Number of Castor Wheels: 4 ; Water Level Indicator: Yes
  • Power: 190 Watts; Operating voltage: 230 V; Warranty: 1 year

4. Bajaj DC 55 DLX 54-litres Desert Air Cooler (White) – for Large Room


Bajaj Electricals offer air coolers that are suitable for different climates and geographical locations. Equipped with features like high air delivery and big water tank, the air coolers offer sustained and effective cooling. Moreover, most Bajaj air coolers feature modern technology for an efficient cooling experience. All air coolers come with castor wheels, providing ease of movement.Air Coolers In India


  • Ice Chamber : Ice Compartments To Store Ice Cubes For Improved Cooling Experience
  • Capacity: 54 Litres; Ideal For Room Size Of Upto 600 Sq Ft. Suitable For All Climates And Costal Regions
  • Powerful Air Throw : Powerful Air Throw For Best Reach Of Air At Long Distance
  • 3 Side Cooler Master : 3 Side Honeycomb Pads For Maximum Cooling
  • Power: 190 Watts; Operating Voltage: 220 – 240 Volts

5. Bajaj Platini PX97 Torque 36-Litres Personal Air Cooler (White)- for Medium Room

Bajaj Electricals offer air coolers that are suitable for different climates and geographical locations. Equipped with features like high air delivery and big water tank, the air coolers offer sustained and effective cooling. Moreover, most Bajaj air coolers feature modern technology for an efficient cooling experience. All air coolers come with castor wheels, providing ease of movement.

Air Coolers In India


  • Capacity: 36 Litres; Ideal for room size of upto 150 Sq Ft. Suitable for all climates and coastal regions
  • Product dimensions (LxBxH): 45.5 cm x 43.5 cm x 82.0 cm
  • Honeycomb cooling media, easily removable pads; 3 Side cooling pad for enhanced performance
  • Castor wheel for easy mobility. Cord effective length 1.5
  • 3 way speed control; Quite Performance; Four way air deflection
  • Power: 100 Watts; Operating voltage: 230 V; Works of Inverter: Yes; Warranty: 1 year
  • Package Include: 1 Cooler

6. Symphony Siesta 70 XL Powerful Desert Air Cooler 70-litres with Powerful Fan, 3-Side Honeycomb Pads, Multistage Air Purification & Low Power Consumption (White)

The staunching summers make it difficult for people to even survive, and in such a condition all that you need is a high-performance air cooler that cools down your room and makes your room temperature bearable. Symphony Siesta 70XL is a high-performance desert air cooler for home, designed to be used in hot and dry regions where the average temperature goes up to 50 degrees.Air Coolers In India


  • Control Panel: Easy to use dial knob controls
  • Power Consumption: 150 watts (also works on inverter power); Operating voltage: 230 V/50 Hz (runs on operating cost of a fan)
  • Package Includes: 1 unit air cooler, 5 unit castor wheels
  • Cooling Media: Highly-effective honeycomb cooling pads and cool flow dispenser ensure superior cooling
  • Powerful Pump: The exclusive dura-pump ensures the longevity of the pump

7. Orient Electric Supercool CP3001H 30-Litre Air Cooler (White)

Get that perfect chill in your room and enjoy the winter like weather with the supercool cooler that comes with a 8 metre air throw and a motorised vertical and horizontal louver movement.

Air Coolers In India


  • High performance motor for better performance
  • Air delivery of 1300 m3/hr
  • 3 speed motor: High/ Med/ Low ; Water level indicator: Yes ; Dust Filter: Yes
  • Rust proof High Gloss ABS body for durability6Auto Fill for uninterrupted cooling ; Water tank capacity (Litres upto brim): 30Ltrs ; Power Consumption (Wattage): 140 W ; Air Throw distance (Feet/metres): 25 ft./7.6 m. ; Castor / Trolley: 2 Trolley Wheels & 2 Castor Wheels
  • 4 way cooling, motororized vertical & horizontal louvers
  • Anti mosquito, Dust filter , Anti bacterial filter,2 castor & 2 Trolley wheels for easy mobility
  • Ideal for Living room, Bedroom, Study room, Dining area, Classroom, Shop, Office

8.  iBELL DELUXE Tower Fan with 25 Feet Air Delivery, 4 Way Air Flow, High Speed,Anti Rust Body (Black)


Ideal for Homes and Offices alike, Cool Breeze Tower fan are stylish yet sturdy. Crafted thoughtfully for Indian market and designed aesthetically to fit into any modern ambience it also features a rust-proof body made of high quality metal and plastic parts. Even with a power air throw upto 25 feet supported by a high performing motor with an air delivery capacity of 2250 m3/hr, this smart machine is stunningly silent while it is in action. Our R&D team has made their best efforts in making it the most energy efficient in its class of products.

Air Coolers In India


  • Warranty: 1 Year Standard Warranty + 6 Months Additional Warranty on FREE Registration
  • High Air Delivery: 2250M3/HR. 3 Speed Control | Height: 74cm | Length: 23cm | Width: 28cm
  • Powerful Air Throw: 25 Feet
  • Low Power Consumption | Voltage: 220~240v, 50/60Hz Ac
  • Sleek and Stylish Modular Design. Power 140w | Current: 1 Amp| High Glossy Rust free Body

9. Havells Celia Desert Air Cooler – 55 Litres (White, Grey)

Celia Series Easy Portability With Low Noise And Exclusive Fan Design With Collapsible Louvers To Prevent Dust And Germs From Entering The Cooler.

Air Coolers In India


  • Capacity:- 55 LTR
  • Product Dimensions:- 66x51x111.5
  • Low noise cooling and many other features Celia air cooler range boasts innovative set of features. It includes a unique fan design for low noise cooling.
  • Strong Air Deliver Air delivery of 3500 m3/hr assures effective cooling of air even in larger areas.
  • Full Function Remote Remote functionality provides effortless air cooler operation.
  • Fully Collapsible Louvers It prevents dust and insects from entering inside the air cooler.
  • Completely Collapsible Louvers to prevent dust/insects entering the Air Cooler.

10. Havells Freddo I Desert Air Cooler -70 Litres (White, Brown)

Freddo Series Equipped With Innovative Technology And Offering Unique Features Like Collapsible Louvers, 3-Side Washable Dust Filter Nets, Water Tank Cover And Auto Drain.

Air Coolers In India


  • Capacity:- 70 LTR
  • Product Dimensions:- 66 x 49.7 x 117 cm
  • Strong Air Deliver : Air delivery of 3500 m3/hr assures cool air circulation for big size areas. Motor type : Aluminum
  • Full functional remote : Remote function facility provides user effortless operation of air cooler
  • India’s first innovative cooler range : India’s first innovative air cooler range that has unique features like – completely collapsible louvers.
  • Full Function Remote Control: Freddo i model comes with Full function remote control
  • Completely Collapsible Louvers: to prevent dust/insects entering the Air Cooler

How do I choose a good air coolers in India?

Larger the water tank, the longer the air cooler will run. You need to select an air coolers in India that has a water tank that’s the right size for your everyday use. A larger room would also require an air cooler with a larger tank. Both desert and personal air coolers come with a wide range of water tanks sizes.


Evaporative media efficiency usually runs between 80% to 90%. Most efficient systems can lower the dry air temperature to 95% of the wet-bulb temperature, the least efficient systems only achieve 50%. The evaporation efficiency drops very little over time.

Air Quality

No matter which cooler you choose, it is essential for it to improve indoor air quality. It must have filters to provide clean air by trapping smoke, unpleasant odour and impurities. A good dehumidification unit is also a bonus, as it will help to ensure a comfortable environment in the monsoon season by reducing the humidity.

Key Components

Blower fan is an essential component of an AC, responsible for distribution of air throughout you.

Additional features


Just like an AC, an air cooler too comes in different sizes to suit your convenience. Desert coolers are placed outside the room at the window and are generally large in size. These coolers store a large amount of water and throw the processed cold air at high speed.

Turbo cooling with Ice

An air coolers in India cools the outside air by making it pass through a wet pad. By allowing melting ice to drip on the wet pads the air passing through is cooled faster, which gives you efficient cooling in less time that you may have been used to in air coolers of old.

Fan speed

In modern air coolers in India, you can select the speed of the internal fan, thereby controlling the throw of the air. In extreme heat conditions, you can turn the fan speed at its fastest to allow the room to cool down quicker. However, later in the night, you may want to reduce the throw of the air as the room would have cooled down considerably by then.

Even cooling

Smart air coolers now have pre-programmed moving louvers, which can direct the air around the room. This helps the entire room to get cool air uniformly rather than focus the cooling in one area with the rest of the room being warm.


In the recent past, the design of the coolers has changed to keep pace with evolving requirements. The designs have transformed to give way to sleeker models and air coolers today come in a range of colours and designs that beautifully blend in and compliment the décor of your room.


With advancements in technology, the materials used in the air coolers in india has also undergone a change. Long gone are the days of rusting and leaking coolers. Today’s coolers are made of thermoplastic, a synthetic resin which becomes plastic on heating and hardens on cooling. Such materials used inside an air cooler protect the device from traditional problems such as rusting and water damage over time, which increases durability.

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