Smart LED Bulb

Smart LED Bulbs

  • A smart LED bulb is an internet-capable LED light bulb that allows lighting to be customized, scheduled and controlled remotely. Smart bulbs are among the foremost immediately successful offerings in the growing category of home automation and Internet of Things (IoT) products.Smart bulbs are efficient in comparison with regular LED bulbs. you’ll add a smart bulb to your Smart Home Setup, then control them with your voice command. Here may be a list of a few smart bulbs that you can buy in India and add to your list of smart home devices.

  • There are various functions that this bulb can perform including set scenes, rhythms, and schedules, dimming the sunshine , also as switching between millions of colours that the bulb has through the Wiz app from Philips.There are around 16 million colours offered by the bulb. you’ll easily select between pre-set light scenes. you’ll set between warm light as well as cool light. If you would like a cosy ambience, then you’ll set the warm light which you can dim and tune as per your mood. you’ll also set the cool daylight with a cool and energizing vibe to brighten up your place.
  • Another smart bulb that we’ve added to the list is Wipro B22. You get to settle on 16 Million colour options so you can create the perfect vibe depending on the mood or the occasion you have. The bulb also allows you to tune between different shades of white. you’ll go from warm white to energetic cool white.You can control the lights from anywhere. you’ll turn off the light if you forgot to turn it off when you left home, or turn it on before you reach home. you’ll also create a schedule for the bulb to turn on or off automatically. What sets this smart bulb aside from other smart bulbs is the music sync function it offers. With this feature, the sunshine will change the colour with the rhythm of the music you are listening to.

  • we have on the list is this smart bulb from Syska. The bulb can easily be connected to your phone through a Wi-Fi network. With a simple to setup feature, you’ll easily set up a Syska bulb with your phone and switch between 16 million shades of can even enable the voice control feature to regulate the bulb with just a voice command through Alexa or Google Home. you’ll schedule the bulb to turn on by itself whenever you want it to or turn off when you are out or sleep. Moreover, the bulb also can be controlled by a group of people. you’ll invite other people to control the bulb.

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